havoc in the Rivers State House of Assembly

A witness to Tuesday’s havoc in the Rivers State House of Assembly, Golden Chioma, a member, says the lawmaker captured on camera battering his colleague with a mace was trying to put an end to others’ wrongdoings.

Chini Lloyd — the lawmaker seen to be smashing the mace, according to Chioma’s words, was assaulted, but found his way back to the House with an intention to end the illegitimate sitting of five members who were using a mace that was not of the Rivers State Assembly.
Mr Lloyd had to batter the man, as seen in the video, because “what they were doing was wrong. The House was not in session,” Chioma explained.
Chioma stated that the Assembly will shortly release ‘Act 1 Scene 2’ of the mayhem — the Assembly CCTV recordings which preced the published fracas.
Chioma narrates the events as thus: the Speaker of the House had summoned members of the House to resume by 10am, but five lawmakers — who purportedly impeached the Speaker — arrived earlier and conducted a mock sitting.
The clique of the five lawmakers, led by Evans Bipi, attacked the other lawmakers, and in the course of the fight Chidi Lloyd was hit with a camera’s tripod and fought back.
Commenting on whether the State Governor had the right to come to the House of Assembly during a session, Mr Chioma mused that if the Governor did not come, we would be counting the dead and injured.
The Governor is a member of the House of Assembly for life, once he has been voted in before as a member of the House, Chioma explained.


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